How Much Toilet Paper Are We Using Every Year And Will a Bidet Help You And The Environment?

toilet paperThere has been a lot of talk lately about how ultra soft toilet paper is using a lot of virgin growth trees and putting a toll on our environment. People are becoming more and more concerned about the environment than ever before. With the US population at about 303 million, that can have a profound effect on the environment.

From my research, the average person uses about 23.5 rolls of toilet paper a year. I was reading on one website where a guy kept track of his toilet paper use and he used 49 rolls in one year. That’s one roll every 7.5 days compared to 15.5 for the average. I know my family used to use more than the average, thank god for the Bidet Toilet Seat.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau the average Family size is 3.19 people and that’s an average 75 rolls of toilet paper a year per family. Ouch that makes my bum hurt just thinking about all that toilet paper!

For each roll of toilet paper made, it takes 37 gallons of water, 1.5 pounds of wood and 1.3 KWH of electricity. Several sources said in the Untied States we use 34 million rolls a day and that takes 221,000 trees, 255,000,000 gallons of water, 161,000,000 KWH of electricity and gives off 88,000,000 pounds of Greenhouse Gasses. That is mind Blogging, just so we can wipe our butts.

This is how much is used every year:

  • 12.4 Billion rolls of toilet paper
  • 80.5 Million trees
  • 58.8 Billion KWH of electricity
  • 32.1 Billion pounds of Greenhouse Gases

With all that said, by using a Bidet Toilet Seat you can cut you toilet paper use from 75% up to 100%. Of course if you use no toilet paper you would need to use the air dryer that most bidets have. It seems likely to me that having no toilet paper in your home is not very practical, because people will need it for other uses.

I did some research at my local grocery store and I checked several brands in various sizes of packaging. What I fount out is that they range in price from a low of $0.78 to a high of $1.85 per roll, so that works out to a cost of $58.00 to $138.75 per year per average family.

But if you cut your toilet paper use by a reasonable 75% you could save any where from $43.50 to $104.06 a year on toilet paper and help out with the environment. With the average cost of a Bidet Seat being about $450.00 your reduced toilet paper use would pay for your bidet in about 4.3 to 10 years. Please keep in mind that these are only estimates and can vary depending on your use, price and size of your household.

Not only will a bidet improve your health and hygiene but also in the long run, your toilet paper savings will pay for your bidet. I would highly suggest that you check out my website and take a look at the approved Bidet Toilet Seat brands I have tested in my home at and find out why people are really love having a Bidet in there home.

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  1. janet says:

    Why do you need to have an air dryer on the bidet-seat or use TP after washing? It’s so easy to have a small towel hanging nearby for the purpose. It dries one’s clean bottom easily and gently (like after a shower).

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